Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant

On coming into office one of the first things the Government did was set up on 21 May 2010 a new Cabinet Office website and Francis Maude personally pledged:

“that a new era of transparency in government has begun and today’s publications show that nobody, no matter where they work, or who they are, is exempt from this agenda. Much of what we have done today is completely new. For the first time anyone can see a whole range of information that has been held by governments before, but never put in the public domain. … But this is about much more than names and charts. We are drawing back the curtains to let light into the innermost corridors of power.”

The Cabinet Office Minister personally committed to publishing details of Ministerial meetings on a quarterly basis online. The website has not been updated since June 2011.

In view of reports of meetings with party donors in Number 10 itself, it is an unacceptable breach of this transparency pledge that those meetings have gone unrecorded.

Today the Sunlight Centre calls on the Government to draw “back the curtains and let the light into Downing Street’s innermost corridors of power.”

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