As you may have seen in the media, a complaint from the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics has triggered an Electoral Commission case review into Chris Huhne’s election spending. Just under a year ago we wrote to Sunlight supporters saying:

“We have this week begun a new investigation into the election spending of Zac Goldsmith, Chris Huhne and Ed Balls. We have reason to believe that there was irregular spending in all three of these tight campaigns. There is evidence of high spending in all of these seats, yet these successful candidates managed to declare their expenditure at the permitted level. Chris Huhne and Zac Goldsmith are both multi-millionaires, while Ed Balls received large amounts of funding from the Unite trade union. We are seeking to get to the bottom what could potentially be criminal offences…”

Your donations enabled our researcher to trawl their expense returns, and despite being stonewalled and blocked at every turn by Huhne’s agent and staff, we were able to provide enough evidence to the Commission to trigger a formal inquiry into his election expenses. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without you.

The complaint and specific allegations we made can be found here, the BBC’s report is online here. The Electoral Commission said last night:

“Our assessment of the information indicated that there may be the possibility of an offence under Representation of the People Act 1983.”

Their case review will report by August 24. Sadly this is too late for them to be able to report their findings to the police, however the Sunlight Centre is consulting with our legal advisers and will be pursuing this course of action ourselves in the coming days.

Without your help and support we would be unable to continue our fight against corruption in Westminster. Any small contribution you are able to give to this campaign will be hugely appreciated, and will make sure we can continue to shine a light in the dark corridors or power.

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Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

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