Make Jacqui Pay

As a follow-up to our Ed Balls attack ad yesterday, the Sunlight Centre has used money raised from your generous donating to today purchase Google Ads on all terms relating to Jacqui Smith, urging voters to Make Jacqui Smith Pay for her expenses abuse:

Here’s a reminder of some of Ms Smith’s expense claims:

  • She became the expenses scandal “poster girl” after her husband was found to have claimed £10 to watch porn in a hotel. She also pays her husband a full salary on expenses for being her Parliamentary assistant.
  • She was found to be guilty of having wrongly designated her main home to the tune of £116,000 extra in expense claims and had to issue a humiliating apology to the House.
  • Despite this, she never paid the money back.
  • She claimed for decorating her house, fencing the garden, an outdoor patio heater, a barbecue, cleaning her carpet, a Panasonic SCMP31 mini hi-fi.

With all that kit, at least we know she’ll be well-equipped to spend her post-Parliament days in her garden!

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