Do You Really Know Ed Balls?

Attack Ad running from 6 pm tonight in Morley and Outwood on local media websites Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, Morley and Outwood Observer and Wakefield Express from 6pm.

Transparency and anti-corruption campaigners at the Sunlight Centre have bought advertising space for a video which attacks Ed Balls for expenses abuses including flipping his house three times, claiming for a remembrance poppy wreath and taking an £89,000 payment for producing two pamphlets for the Smith Institute in 9 months.  The Smith Institute charity was closely linked to Gordon Brown and was criticised by the Charity Commission for supporting Brownite political projects.  Gordon Brown’s allies Lord Myners and Wilf Stevenson resigned from the Smith Institute follwoing the report and it was widely considered to be a slush fund for Brown’s leadership ambitions.

The advert includes footage of Ed Balls at Oxford University wearing a Nazi uniform.

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