Lord Rennard Complaint Rejected!

The Sunlight Centre Complaint regarding Lord Renard’s designation of his second home has been turned down by the Clerk of the Parliaments.

Peers accused of abusing their expenses have been given the green light to carry on claiming.  They include peers who have been accused of raking in large sums from the taxpayer based on dubious claims about the location of their main address.

But now the Clerk of the Parliaments Michael Pownall, a senior civil servant who has been asked to investigate, revealed an extraordinary loophole that suggests they will all get off the hook.

He said there was no definition of ‘main address’ in any of the guidance given to peers as he gave his first judgement in the case of former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard.  This is likely to be the same for other Peers who have been accused of similar offences as Lord Rennard.

Lord Rennard had been investigated over accusations that he claimed £41,000 for overnight stays in London to attend Parliament when he owns a house just two miles from Westminster.

Below is the Sunlight Centre’s Press release which we sent out yesterday on the subject of Lord Rennard:

Lord Rennard Press Release 22-10

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