Baroness Scotland Faces Being Struck Off As Barrister

Last night the Sunlight Centre reported Baroness Scotland to the Bar Standards Board.  The Bar Standards Board must now decide whether or not to call Lady Scotland before a disciplinary tribunal.

The Sunlight’s complaint was based on the fact that Baroness Scotland is a qualified Barrister and we believe that she has breached the Barrister’s Code of Conduct by:

‘acting in a way that damages the profession’s reputation’

This is even more relevant due to the fact that she is the Chief law officer for England and Wales and all Barristers should look up to her as she is the head of their profession.  Although she does not take private legal work outside parliament.

Examples from a Daily Telegraph article this morning of Barristers breaking the same code of conduct mentioned above include; one Barrister who was struck off in 2007 for failing to declare his juvenile convictions although these were some 30 years previous another example includes a Barrister being fined £1,000 for failing to advertise pupilages at his chambers and awarding them via a private arrangement.

Link to Daily Telegraph article:

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