Lord Taylor of Warwick claims £70K for ‘phantom’ home

The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics has written and faxed Lord Taylor of Warwick a former barrister and Britain’s first Black peer after the allegations appeared in the the Times over the weekend about him claiming over £70,000 for home in the Midlands between 2001 – 2007 which apparently does not exist.  We are currently awaiting Lord Taylor’s response.

It is alleged that between 2001 and 2007 he claimed ‘overnight subsistence’ totalling £73,000 by stating his main home was his Mother’s home outside London in the Midlands.  However Taylor’s former wife’s family bought the house in May 2001 when Lord Taylor’s mother had to be placed into a care home.  She died in December of that year.

Lord Taylor has owned a residence in Ealing West London since 1995, which was his family home before he divorced in 2004.  His wife and three children now live close by.  He is not secretive about the address he lives at in Ealing but has declined to name the addresses he has lived at between 2001 – 2007.


There is further circumstantial evidence that would support the claim made by the Times;

  • He is on the electoral register at his Ealing address
  • None of the work he declares in his Lord’s interests is related to the Midlands
  • His public relations company was registered at his Ealing home until 2005
  • He has worked part-time as a district judge on the South-Eastern circuit which does not include the Midlands

If the Sunlight Centre Does not receieve a substantive responsive from Lord Taylor we will be pursuing our complaint with the House of Lords authorities.  Below is the letter we have sent to Lord Taylor this morning.


Lord Taylor Letter

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