Shahid Malik Reported to Parliamentary Authorities

Shahid Malik MP was today reported to the Parliamentary Commission for Standards.

In a letter to John Lyon the Commissioner, the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics stated that despite being cleared of breaching the Ministerial Code by Sir Philip Mawer, it has subsequently emerged that Mr Malik is unable to provide any receipts or a written rental agreement to support his claims for the rent claimed on his constituency home.

That alone is enough to warrant an investigation by the Parliamentary Standards Commission, however, allegations of further expenses controversies on the part of Mr Malik have now come to light.

While claiming for the full allowance for a London home, which we accept was within the rules, the question must be addressed of whether Mr Malik was misusing his office allowances in order to subsidise his constituency home, which would explain the below market rate rent for his home.

As reported this morning this morning, Mr Malik is alleged to be claiming office expenses for his constituency property and and a thorough investigation is required to make sure this is a legitimate use of public money.

Harry Cole from the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics said;

” ‘The Green Book’ rules for MPs’ expenses that were in place when these claims were made, stated: “You must ensure that arrangements for your office and surgery premises are above reproach and that there can be no grounds for a suggestion of misuse of public money.” (5.12.1) In our view Mr Malik’s arrangements were clearly not “above reproach” and there is prima facie evidence to suggest there has been “misuse of public money”.”

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